The Angle Society of Europe

Everything you wanted to know about ASE

Who we are?

The Angle Society of Europe is a society of European orthodontists whose goal is the advancement of the art and science of orthodontics guided by the highest principles of personal conduct, scientific standards and professional integrity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ASE is to bring together European orthodontists who are not only searching for professional excellence and evidence based patient care but also have a message to deliver and are willing to work hard knowing that there is always more work to be done.

Objectives of ASE

The objectives of the Society are the following:
  • To hold annual meetings for the advancement of its members in scientific attainment and clinical proficiency.
  • To promote educational standards for adequate training in all aspects of modern orthodontics in their respective countries.
  • To facilitate scientific co-operation between clinicians, teachers and researchers.
  • To stimulate clinical research in orthodontics and related basic sciences.

How to become a Member

  • Must fulfil the requirements of general eligibility for membership of the Society. He/she should preferabily not be older than 45 years the year he/she attends as First Time Guest
  • As a first time guest he/she must present records of two cases and as a second time guest one case and a 15 minute oral presentation. The cases must be different on each occasion.
  • If invited as First or Second Time Guest he/she will have to attend a meeting within two years.
  • A guest may not attend more than two annual meetings.
  • A guest will be expected to attend the entire annual meeting and will have no rights of membership other than to attend the scientific and social programme of the Annual Meeting
  • If a second time guest is invited to apply for provisional membership he/she must apply within two years and present 5 cases which may include the guest cases approved by the scientific committee.
  • Provisional members who have maintained a satisfactory membership for at least one year and not more than three years may apply for active membership.
  • Applicants for active membership must present a 30 minute essay in orthodontics or an allied field which must be specifically prepared for and presented to the society during an annual meeting scientific session and 10 cases in accordance with the requirements of case presentation (Appendix I bylaws). These cases may include those presented at annual meetings as a provisional member but not those presented for provisional membership application.